My Sad Little Tree


“She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.” Proverbs 31:16

I live sort of in the country. Our house is an old farm-house and more than 3 acres to the south of the property used to be farm land. Unfortunately, the soil here is predominantly sand and I’m told has an acidic pH… Which is just sad news for my poor little tree.

This tree and I are still deciding whether or not to be friends… It all started when the owner of the house we are renting came over to mow the lawn. He noticed that the plants around the old well were starting to get too crowded and this little baby fir-tree was getting choked out. So, he dug up the tree and moved it over to the southeastern corner of the house. Honestly, it’s a terrible place for a tree… It’s right in the middle of the other landscaping, and assuming it lives, it will have to be cut down or moved again or it will begin to grow into the laundry room! Anyway, the property owner and his wife migrate to Florida over the winter months, and to Alaska during the summer so right before he drove off in his motor home, he asked if I would keep an eye on the tree. He said it would need a lot of attention for the first few weeks it was moved; lots of water, and making sure no weeds or animals inhibited its growth. I said I would water it and keep an eye on it…

It rained for almost two weeks solid after that. Needless to say, being of sound and practical mind, I did not go out to water the tree in the rain. The only flaw in my logic was my tragic flaw: absent-mindedness… Because I hadn’t been going out to water the tree in lieu of the rain, I had completely forgotten all about the little tree… Weeks came and went, and this is what the tree looks like now

Sad, sad, little tree

It is pitiful… and I hope that my attempts to resurrect the sad little tree are not in vain. I watered it yesterday, and it rained all night last night and this morning. So hopefully, the little guy greens back up…My point is that I would be TERRIBLE at planting anything, especially a vineyard… So, rather than take the woman’s green thumb in Proverbs 31:16 literally, I’m going to interpret it figuratively this time around. The “field” I’m considering is fabric for my sewing endeavors. And my “vineyard” will be the finished projects. So, rather, I’m going to consider a fabric and buy it, and out of my earnings, sew a table cloth. I am seeing that I take advantage of the resources I already have, i.e., random colors of bits and pieces of fabrics, and I am going to put it all together in some kind of eclectic grungy bohemian style (I decided on Tuesday that’s what my style is) and come out with something awesome. So here’s to happy “hunting” with my beautiful new friend, Kara at Michael’s this afternoon.


What do you think?

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