Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman!

“She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar” Proverbs 31:14

*This is a continuation from a previous post!- Supermarket Sweep* 

I finally finished the Menu Board!!! 🙂

I don’t know if you all remember or not, Once Upon A Chocolate Chip Pancake posted the most amazing time/effort/money saving project ever- a menu board. After crunching all the numbers from this past month, I realized I was spending over $500 in “groceries” per month! For two people and two dogs, that’s just utter insanity. What happens, is that I like to buy certain items in bulk; so there’s $100… Plus the staple foods; there’s $100 more… Then there’s all the toiletries I “need” (I like to stock pile so I don’t ever actually run out) $150… Add in all the “extra” trips I was making, for $15 here, $25 there, plus the “want” items, and there you have it… my ungodly grocery bill…

So, I decided to make myself more organized in an attempt to save more money, buy less junk, and consolidate my trips to the store by making a menu board.

How the wonderous thing works is as follows:

You have these meal cards. On the front is a meal, ex: Meatloaf, Mashed potatoes, Corn (a meat entrée for protein and 2 veggies or a grain/carb is how I usually roll.) Then on the back, it lists all the ingredients you need to make the meal, ex: canned corn, ground beef, mashed potatoes, etc…

Lets say you shop like me every week so you would grab your seven cards for the week, decide which meals you would like to fix, which ingredients are common in each recipe, what you already have in your pantry, and then in essence, that’s the extent of your grocery list.

My specific menu board only focuses on dinner meals, since I usually eat lunch and breakfast by myself. Still, that still narrows down what you buy for your evening meals, and then you just have to factor in your typical breakfast foods and lunches for the week. If you eat out, you can make cards for that too (although the point is to cook more, spend less) if your budget allows (I made a Papa John’s card!). Here are the pictures of my menu board.

Supplies: Letter stickers, 11X14 inch frame, rubber cement, super glue, elmers glue stick, scotch tape, scissors, decorative scrap book papers (2 of one, at least 2-3 other coordinating colored pages), clear packing tape

In progress: background has been framed, boxes made and super glued to glass. Measuring out distances for clothes pins (oh yeah, you'll need decorative clothes pins)

Finished Project: Days of the week stickers, meal cards made and laminated*), and hanging on the wall, ready for the week.

I chose colors that matched my kitchen/dishes. You can get the directions on how to make your own menu board from Once Upon A Chocolate Chip Pancake’s blog. All this coupled with the amazing coupons in the Sunday paper, I’m going to be a money saving diva.

*The instructions on the menu board blog say she used self-laminating paper to laminate her meal cards, but that she didn’t really get a good seal, and there were air bubbles. That’s what the packing tape is for. My husband taught me a Marine secret way to laminate- Packing tape on front and back. It’s super easy and lots cheaper. 


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