Mental Health Day


“In her hand she holds the distaff and grasps the spindle with her fingers.” Proverbs 31:19

So today’s focus is about being a seamstress again… distaff is traditionally similar to part of a spinning wheel, spindle, spinning wheel… I’ve seen Disney’s Sleeping Beauty enough to get what all that stuff is. However, I’m a little behind in my dish washing today…

wow... I can't believe I actually just posted this... I'm a little embarrassed... *blushes and cringes*

So yeah, I’m taking a “mental health day” for today; I’ll see how much I can get done around the house and then if I’m not completely exhausted, I’ll start to work on that table cloth I’ve been having dreams about. (Seriously, it’s in my dreams, people!)

But today, I need to be holding in my hand some dirty plates, and in my fingers a sudsy dish cloth. 🙂 Hopefully, there will be more of a post later this afternoon.


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  1. Eden,
    I would love to know how to use a spinning wheel…it’s always facinated me. We saw a lady at South Easterns Heritage Days using one. Facinating!

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