Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!

“Her husband is respected at the city gate, where he takes his seat among the elders of the land” Proverbs 31:23

First let me start by sumarizing the awesomeness which was my birthday last night.

Me trying to be cool on my birthday...

I had been cooking and cleaning all day. Then around 5:30, my friends all got to the house. Sam made me a delicious cake that smelled so good, my entire kitchen now smells of cream cheese icing! Mmmm. Then Kara and her mom Priscilla came in with chips and dip, and another cake! Oh, and a plunger. (my doggies stuffed a bunch tp in the toilet) Anyway, we sat and talked for a bit, and then I started to dip up the soup! (white bean chili, recipe coming soon.) We sat eating, and I’m a terrible hostess and I apologize beause I had glasses out, but they were all empty! So I finally asked what everyone wanted to drink, got it, and then left the glasses on the counter! I was a little frazzled because a friend of mine was texting me saying she had heard that other marines in our husbands’ unit were coming home, but that she hadn’t heard from her husband, and was a little upset. I tried to comfort her while simultaneously entertaining my guests. Finally, I asked her if she wanted me to text my husband, Mitch and find out how her husband was doing. I had been fortunate to be able to text him all day because technology wasn’t allowed on the boat, and even if it had been, there wouldn’t have been much reception. So for my birthday wish, I wished that I would get to communicate with Mitch. No sooner had I sent that text to my friend, then low and behold, my husband walked through the door!

I was flabbergasted to say the least. I hadn’t expected him home for another week at least, yet there he was, standing in the living room. I had a spoon full of soup about to go into my mouth and I just sat and stared at him for a moment. Kara and Sam and Priscilla were all making, “awwwww” sounds, but it took me slightly longer to process what was going on. I stood up and ran to hug him, and welcome him home and the first thing I said to him was, “You want some soup?”

Me and the hubby back in high school

What an amazing birthday surprise. That rascal knew when he had talked to me 3 days ago he was going to be home on my birthday, but he kept that information to himself.

Anyway, I mentioned yesterday that I had made a list questions evaluating my 20th year, and I promised my answers to them. Here goes:

1.) What is the biggest, most important thing you have learned about yourself?
I NEED God in my life; without him, I suffer.

2.) What is the biggest, most important thing you’ve learned about your spouse?
He gets worn down on a daily basis, and doesn’t always feel he has the strength to lead me, so I need to be able to be strong for him as well.

3.)What has been your greatest accomplishment?
Becoming an example that my sisters can take pride in following.

4.) What has been your greatest failure?
Letting doubt have control in my life.

5.) What is your favorite memory? Your greatest joy?
Seeing Mitch after months spent apart from each other; Seeing my husband legitimately happy.

6.) What are you most apprehensive about in the coming year?
The deployment to Japan and its impact on our marriage.

7.) What are you most excited about in the coming year?
Growing deeper in my faith, and seeing how His plan for my life will unfold.

8.) What is your “life” goal for the coming year?
To grow closer to God, gaining wisdom and understanding and in so doing, bringing those around me (especially Mitch) closer to God as well.Ā 

So there you have it. That’s my evaluation for this past year. Now, about the scripture… It wasn’t until recently that I thought that my husband being respected by other people had anything to do with me. That’s a little scary right? Like, the opinion other people have of him is directly connected to my behavior as his wife and partner? That’s intense!

Think about it though. If I am doing my part at home, that makes like 80% of his day less stressful. His uniforms are ironed, he passes inspection. I make his lunch, he is on time to work, and spends less money. I keep the house clean and organized, he knows where to find all of his gear. I make dinner, we get time to socialize, and he can de-stress from the day. I make sure he gets sleep, he’s awake and focused at work. I live according to scripture and make my home God’s home, he is exposing his fellow marines to God’s word and His love. See what I’m going at here? The less baggage he has to carry with him from home to work, the better his work atmosphere is going to be because he can have full confidence in me at home, and not worry whether I’m going to be like other women who are deceitful, or who cheat while their husbands are deployed. He can earn respect, simply by the effects that my actions will have on his behavior. That’s a huge responsibility, am I right? I bet you’ve never thought of it that way. And while my husband is still an E3 Lance Corporal and may not be an “Elder at the city gates”, he’s proving to his bosses, for lack of a better term, each day what his capabilities are. He’s showing whether or not he is reliable, trustworthy, and they are seeing my efforts as his wife through his character. I’ll let you in on a little secret- it’s rewarding for the WIFE as well as the husband! You’ve heard the expression, “A happy wife makes a happy home?” Well, I submit that a happy husband makes a happy wife, which in turn makes a happy home. Think on that.

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  1. Eden,
    G’pa was reading this blog along with me…and we were both impressed with your way with words, your wisdom (at such a tender age), and your dedication. God will surely bless your marriage because of your efforts to please Him and care for your husband. G’ma & G’pa

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