“‘V’ is very, very Extra-ordinary…”


“Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” Proverbs 31:29

Okay, I’ve tried to post this twice now and Safari keeps glitching out at me and that stupid little rainbow pin-wheel keeps showing up… Let’s try this again…

I had stated that I feel like I am just one of the “many women,” but that I don’t know what action is required on my part to become the one who would “surpass them all.”

I do the regular wife things- clean house, cook meals, (interesting story to follow on that subject) pay bills, take care of doggies, keep up with friends, participate in and give to the church… But every woman does that kind of stuff. Where is the line between ordinary and extraordinary? And how do I cross it!? I’m just egotistical enough (ironic, because yesterday I pointed out my humility) to want to be more awesome. Who’s not though? Am I right?

Anyway, and this is directed mostly at all you people who consistently read my blog yet never leave feedback, I want you to tell me about one thing, just 1, that you do as a part of your daily/weekly/monthly routine that you feel is shaping your life and relationships for the better.
“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” Hebrews 10:24

I believe the last time I attempted to post this, I mentioned the Gestalt theory, or the whole being the sum of its parts. I want to know about your little, insignificant bits of effort that probably go unnoticed most times. I want to see how the little things are affecting the whole.

This is an “audience participation blog” so to speak, so participate away, and I’ll definitely do something awesome to call attention to you and your efforts in my next blog, because let’s face it- we all like attention; we all like to be appreciated for the little things we do.

*Interesting story about my cooking meals*

I decided last week that Thursday, February 16th, 2012 was going to be Asian cuisine night. And it was. I made home-made egg drop soup, veggie lo mein, pork spring rolls, and attempted General Tso’s chicken, which just ended up being spicy buffalo chicken because I couldn’t get the sauce right without ginger. Anyway, so I have all the food prepped and perfectly timed so that everything would be ready about the same time, keeping it all warm and ready to eat as soon as Mitch walked through the door at 17:30. However, you know what they say about assuming things… when you assume things about the marine corps, you’re always wrong. Always.

I had the table set, I used our nice dishes and silverware, and I even had extra buffalo chicken and egg drop soup on reserve because I was aware when I was preparing the lo mein that my husband is about as willing to eat veggies as a 3-year-old…

I text him, asking how close to home he was, figuring he was just stuck in traffic, or taking a fellow marine home like he had the day before. He had just gotten done with work. 5:30 pm… I poured the soup from the bowls back in to the pot and kept it simmering, and the chicken and spring rolls got popped back in the oven, and I stuck the bowl of lo mein in the microwave. I was NOT going to let the USMC ruin my Asian Cuisine night.

I quickly did some finishing touches on the house; made the bed, put away clean laundry, and did my make-up… You know, because I had a feeling the hubster would be stressed out from the ridiculous long day. He walks in the door around 6:15 pm…At this point, dinner has been ready for over 45 minutes… But he had been standing in pouring down rain working with nets so he didn’t want to eat right away, he wanted to take a shower. Add 15 minutes, so dinner is now 1 hour cold. (pardon my pun)

I re-dip up the soup, and plate the entrees only for Cyd (the youngest border collie) to snatch a noodle and a spring roll off the plate… I scolded her and had everything else microwaved and picture-perfect (If picture perfect is microwaved, hour old food, that tastes more like seasoned rubber than chinese.)

We sat down to FINALLY eat, and he looks at his plate and says, “Aww… you know I don’t like veggies…I don’t suppose you made any extra buffalo chicken?”

I went to the stove and picked up the pan of extra chicken and showed it to him, “I don’t suppose I KNEW you would ask me that question…?”

We continued eating, and talking… I mistakenly asked him what he thought of the soup… Now, to fully understand my feelings upon hearing his answer, you must know that one time at a chinese restaurant, Mitch ordered a quart of egg drop soup, because it was the only thing on the menu he liked…. So, I ask him how he likes the soup…

“…It’s okay… It’s really salty.”

My expectant smile quickly dissipated… “But you can never taste anything, so I always over salt it for you…?” was my reply…

“Yeah, but this is REALLY salty…”


I took a moment to compose myself…

Somehow, the USMC had managed to make Mitch extra cynical and sarcastic yesterday, ruining my Asian cuisine night… And no, he didn’t say anything about my make-up.

The only redemptive quality of yesterday evening, was the fact that when we got into bed, he actually told me about his day; he actually verbalized his experience at work, and expounded his emotions about it. “Every day might not be good, but there is something good in every day.” – Anonymous


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  1. Eden,
    Love your little “plays” & dramatic conversations! I don’t think I ‘surpass them all’ either…but remember it’s only necessary that there is ONE PERSON in our lives that thinks ‘we surpass them all’!!!!!! When I do all the things I do for the family, which now is a family of two, he appreciates it so much and I feel well loved. I have a million stories of the “cold food” scenario…and you will too after awhile. It is one of the most difficult parts of being a wife & mother. Bill’s Mom would sit down and eat when she got the food ready, because she didn’t like “cold food”! (This was before micro-waves.) But I’d rather wait and eat cold food with Bill…it tastes better than warm food without him. I love being able to go on this journey with you…even long distance ; )

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