Should I Date This House?


Today was weird…

found out that our lead pastor, Chris is going to be leaving in June. ūüė¶ that’s a bummer. He is a wonderful speaker, and I know he will spiritually grow whatever congregation he leads in the future.

We spent the afternoon looking at houses with a realtor, after a quick Taco Bell stop- BTW- any of you people who think that Taco Bell’s Cheesy potato burrito is delicious, you have never experienced Taco Johns… Hand’s down, TJ’s wins.

Anyway, the housing search simply lead to more questions.

  • What are we qualified for?
  • What kind of house are we looking for?
  • Are we pre-approved?
  • What kind/type of mortgage to we get?
  • Which lender do we choose?
  • Are all these people just trying to rip us off?
  • What do ANY of these real estate terms mean?
  • Why does thinking about housing give me a headache?
  • Why can’t I stop snapping at Mitch even though I’m not really mad at him?

Idk… The whole process is just exhausting… We looked at a house that we loved though… I don’t want to be rash though, so I’ll just say we liked it-liked it… Like, we wanna be more than friends with this house… For a couple of reasons:

  • Forclosure, so it’s selling for 10,000 less than it’s worth, which brings me to point 2:
  • Fixer-upper, so we stand to make money in re-sale
  • Beautiful staircase
  • Wood burning fire place
  • ¬†Useable living¬†space…

It just needs some love… come on, guys, I think I can fix it! I mean, being bank owned, there’s a lot of competition… But I think I’ve got plenty to offer this place. I know I could show it the love it hasn’t seen in a while…paint it’s walls, fix it’s base-board moulding, rip up its ugly pink stair carpet, fix it’s window¬†screens, give it some decent rain gutters, for crying out loud…

I really want to ask this house out… But I have no idea how to do that… I need someone to talk me through it… What’s the first step? How do I make my move? My husband likes the house too… Heck, we sorta wanna marry it… Actually, come to think of it, we more or less just want to adopt it… Yep. This house is more like a sad little puppy stuck at the animal shelter… We want to make it ours, clean it up, and give it to¬†a loving family when our time with it is through…

It needs quite a few repairs, but all of which seem to be cosmetic. Idk, readers…

What do you think? Should I send it a “Check yes or no” note?


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  1. Eden,
    G’pa says, check the wiring, plumbing & heating…those will be the most expensive. How is the roof? Windows? AC? Pray that God will close the door tightly if it is not in your best interest to buy it. Also Pray that he will open the door wide enough to let you know that this is the one. We always pray like this on everything we do. We’re still praying for you as you make your decisions…we love you!
    G’pa & G’ma Gayer

    • Electric is good. Roof is good. There are some interior cracks at the corners of the ceiling like where it settled. The air ducts need to be cleaned, the previous owners obviously didn’t know how to ventilate their fire place so there is soot on all the registers… Im praying hard. I want whats best for us. If that’s staying where we are, then that’s what we’ll do. Just waiting for the answer

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