A Penny Saved…

A Penny Saved…

“She sees that her trading is profitable…” Proverbs 31:18

… is a new book for me!… I said,… A Penny saved, is a new book for me! 2 new books in this case…

I went grocery shopping today. I had to do our once quad-monthly trip to Sam’s for root beer, stamps, Riddex, and paper products, so this trip was a little more expensive than usual… Other than that, I’m not too disappointed with the shopping trip this week, considering we now have food in our house for the next 2ish weeks.

One of my main plans this week was to buy ingredients for homemade doggie treats.

From left to right, Anna Beth and Cydney Sue

As I mentioned earlier, I had made 2 vet visits in 2 weeks; one for an infection in Cyd’s front passenger side paw, and the other to get both Anna and Cyd on Trifexis before flea, tick, and heart worm season went full swing. So while I was at the office, and the doggies were being well-behaved enough for me to read, I began to browse through the magazine with a Border Collie on the cover. Sure enough, I found an awesome recipe that’s saved me money! My dogs usually get a biscuit or chew before we leave the house as a reminder that we love them, we’ll be back soon, and here-chew-this-and-be-distracted-from-the-fact-that-we’re-leaving. We hadn’t been able to find any kind of economy size box of treats for under $20. So today, I worked some canine culinary magic. Here is a link to the recipe!

Which brings me to the books… As I’m sure you are aware if you read my blogs regularly, I very much enjoy Fox’s television drama series, Bones.” Upon cycling through seasons one and two, I noticed in the credits that one of the episodes was dedicated to a woman named Kathy Reichs… I was curious, and verging on boredom, so I googled her. Turns out, she’s actually a practicing forensic anthropologist/ novelist from North Carolina, who wrote several novels about the fictional forensic anthropologist, Temperance Brennan, the character upon whom the show Bones is based!

We'll see how the show stacks up to the books!

Being an incredible book nerd, I had to check it out. So I went to Amazon.com and looked up the books. The first novel, Deja Dead is a New York Times best seller and was written in 1997. After checking the prices online, I realized it would be cheaper to just go to Barnes & Nobel to pick up the book, free of shipping fees and waiting periods! So I did, and I bought the first two Temperance Brennan novels, Deja Dead, and Death Du Jour. I’m unbelievably excited to dive in to them. I’ve always been a book nerd; Being an English teacher, my uncle on my mom’s side used to get me a new book for Christmas every year as a kid. I remember he got me The Wind in the Willows, one year and Phillip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon, Maybe. If you or your children haven’t read either of these wonderful stories, I recommend them both! My point being, that I’ve been in to books and reading as long as I can remember.

So all of you thrifty mamas, or those of you who want to become thrifty mamas like me, it’s definitely beneficial! Saving money on groceries leaves that little bit of extra cash lying around that you can spend on things you WANT… or things YOU want… or things YOU WANT! like manicures, or chocolates, or books if you’re nerdy like me. 🙂


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    • That might have been confusingly worded, my uncle is the teacher…and my aunt, and my dad was before he went into admin. I guess it runs in the family though! Because I’ve always had a passion for literature 🙂

  1. Eden,
    I’ve made “dog treats” before…will have to find my recipe and send it to you. I may try yours although I rarely bake anymore ; ) “Marie Callendar” has taken over my baking duties.
    Love, G’ma

  2. Doggie Bones
    Combine: 1 c. all purpose flour
    1 c. whole wheat ”
    1/2 c. wheat germ
    1/2 c. powdered milk
    3T Crisco
    1/2 tsp. salt
    1 tsp. brown sugar
    Mix until crumbly & add:
    1 egg
    1/3 c. water
    Roll dough 1/2″ thick, cut into shapes
    Bake on sprayed cookie sheet 350 degrees
    25-30 min.

    Actually yours sounded better with the peanut butter in it…maybe you could substitute that for some of the Crisco ; )

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