All Creation Cries Out


“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities- his eternal power and divine nature- have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” Romans 1:20

I’m taking a break from Proverbs 31 today, because I have been smacked in the face by the overwhelming power of the Almighty. Maybe it’s because I’ve been stuck inside with sickness, or maybe it’s because spring is teasing me with her budding leaves and flowers, but I walked out the door this morning to let my dogs go potty, and I was just in awe of the beauty of God’s creation.

The smell of last night’s rain… the smell of grass, newly erupted from the dormant, winter earth… The wind moving the limbs on the trees, dancing through strands of hair, escaped from my ponytail… The cool, crisp air threatening humidity, but being denied by Spring’s reluctance… I love nature. I feel closest to God when I am in a forest, enveloped by the work of his hands; the beauty of his power…

My husband proposed to me at Ferne Clyffe State Park. We had hiked all afternoon up to our favorite spot, just off the beaten path near the small brook that trickled down and eventually became the waterfall. I remember it was early November and the leaves had just been painted a bright, pumpkin orange, and deep crimson. And as the sun began it’s decent behind the trees, we stood watching the gentle water trickle down, down, and away. He knelt just beside a pool of crystal clear water, and diverted my attention to its ripples. Just as I was about to kneel beside him to see the water from his perspective, he pulled a little black velvet box from his jacket pocket. He opened it as I stared in surprise and I looked at the ring, glinting and casting tiny rainbows against his cheek in the sunset. Neither of us spoke as tears welled in our eyes, and smiles played across our faces. I took him in my arms and said, “I will!” He hadn’t even asked me, but he didn’t have to; he knew he didn’t have to. It was understood. And there, surrounded by the handiwork of our God and creator, he placed the ring on my finger, and promised to make me his wife.

After plenty of tears and hugging, we continued our hike toward the summit of the waterfall. It was there that I slipped on a wet, moss-covered rock and got my jeans nice and muddy and put a classic touch of Eden’s clumsiness and lack of grace all over the otherwise perfect day.

I love that memory, and I love that I don’t have to embellish it at all because it truly was that beautiful. Times like those when I’m in the midst of nature, I see a glimpse of what God intended for us in the beginning. I feel his presence and wonder how anyone could have wanted to turn and hide from his awesome power. I felt that again today and my body is longing to see and experience more. I’m feeling the call of the grass, the damp earth, the pavement…it’s time for a run.

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  1. Eden,
    Beautiful memory…thanks for sharing that moment. As far as how our senses are hightened after surgery or an illness…I can relate. At times like that we feel so alive and so in touch with creation and the creator! You and Kristy need to compare notes…Ferne Clyffe was one of John & her favorite hiking places too. I’ll let her read this blog. Glad you’re feeling better!
    Love, G’ma

  2. I remember that day! you sent me a picture text, of your hand with the ring on it! I squealed and jumped up and down, cried and showed your dad. A day neither of us will forget Love you!

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