“Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to work we go…”


“She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.” Proverbs 31:17

So because of my sickness, I missed the Ash Wednesday service at church because I was passed out on medicine basically all afternoon/evening last week. It made me angry, because I feel like I haven’t been observing Lent the way I originally intended, and I needed that service to really kick-start me into it. I originally intended to give up all processed sugar for Lent. However, thanks to my darling husband who isn’t afraid to tell me when I’m out of line, I’ve been made aware of a bigger obstruction to my faith- science fiction novels… Call me a dork, but it’s a huge guilty pleasure of mine. I’m addicted to books the way some women are addicted to shoes, purses, or cosmetics… And it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized I was letting it get in the way of my spiritual progress. So shame on me, kudos to the brave hubster for pointing it out, and here’s to a new Lenten abstinence from reading. I know I’m a few days late, but this is my first Lent observation… I’ll do better next year.

Speaking of Lent observations, I read an enlightening article in my devotion today. Here’s the link to it for those of you who feel like being inspired. That link takes you to Youversion.com and from there I believe the devotion was under day 8 of the Lent reading plan.

Anyway, yesterday I was able to get one of the things done on my to do list. I vacuumed out the car! YAY! and I cleaned the interior. Who knew the gear shift was supposed to be taupe and not gray/brown… gross, Mitchell… That’s why there are wipes and hand sanitizer in the car…

  1. patch holes in walls
  2. paint patched holes in walls
  3. clean the car inside and out (this one is going to be an all-day task)
  4. buy groceries and beat last trip’s savings goal
  5. get rid of the beginnings of this stupid cold that I probably got from Mitch, who has always acted as a carrier and never gets sick himself, but consistently spreads it around…

So now today’s project is to repair some of the doggie damage around the house. If we’re going to be moving at the end of our lease (and I say If, because it’s all in God’s hands, I’m standing still waiting for him to make the move) then we can’t leave this place in disrepair. Plus, I don’t want to be out a $750 security deposit if the repairs can be made for less than $30. So I’ll keep you updated on that progress with pictures and such.

As far as the literal connotation of my arms being strong for my tasks, I’m feeling pretty good about my progress there. I’ve been getting outside every day this week and I’ve gotten my mileage back up to 2.5 jogged, and 2.5 walked. Last summer I was running 10 miles with no walking, so I’ve got quite a ways to go, but bad knees, and sickness, and I’m suspecting a mild case of asthma have been working against me, so I’m taking it slow to avoid injury. Mitch has also been working out more consistently with me and I took him out a few days ago and had him do some kick-boxing combinations. He was shocked at how sore he was a couple days later, and I felt like a stud for getting him to that point. 🙂 Anyway, if I’m going to get anything done to day, I should probably get a move on. More later!


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  1. Wow! Eden…I was feeling good about my 8 minutes on the treadmill and 8 minutes on the bike, and lifting 3 lb. weights 10 reps on each step. Then you dropped your 2.5 mile jogging, and 2.5 mile walking stats. Guess I need to toughen up! We have kept up our New Years Resolution of morning exercise for 1 month & 17 days…my knees feel better and I can race thru the grocery store now ; ) I’m happy that you’re a hard worker!

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