So the hubbster has duty all day so I won’t see him till tomorrow morning just in time for church. So my plans for today consist of hanging out with some friends and messing around some thrift shops and or flea markets, assuming the weather stays decent. I once again forgot to get the shed key from Mitch, so the paint I need is still just sitting out there… One of these days, I’ll actually remember to do something I set out to do… We got good news from the bank recently concerning out housing dilemma, so that is being worked out (thanks, Lord…) I have a bunch of coupons to Peeble’s… Not sure what I need from there, but you never know and it’s all super discounted so I may as well take a look.

We haven’t been subject to all kinds of crazy storms like the news had said, so I’m praising God for that one. Just a little bit of rain, and enough moisture in the air to give me Hermione Granger hair… Today will be a good day, I’m determined of that much. There may be more post to follow later this evening after my adventures in Jacksonville wind down. I’ll keep you all informed!

Have a great Saturday everyone!


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