Mission Accomplishment


Ok, so I’ve been on base most of today. I took the husband in around 5:15, slept in the car till around 7:45, then went to go get his phone from the Church (yes, I’m not the only one who has chronic forget-it-itis) Anyway, I went back to base after I retrieved the phone, then roamed around the MCX until I was told where I could take the phone. THEN- THEN THEN THEN, I actually got to eat lunch with my husband on a weekday! HOLY COW! (and our friends Scott, and Michael) And Subway was delicious. Oh, while at the MCX I picked up a copy of “Resolution for Men” and “Resolution for Women” for me and the Hubster to work through. I love any opportunity I can get to dive into the Word with my husband. That’s a nice kind of intimacy I know most couples today don’t have.

Anyway, I am feeling super satisfied because I actually accomplished something today even with being gone all morning/afternoon.

This evening, we were supposed to have a meeting with our Realtor about the house that was seemingly perfect for us… Coincidence that on the day I call her to tell her we’ll take it, she calls me and tells me that it went under contract mere hours ago… God working? I’m thinking so. And it makes sense as to the feeling of hesitation we felt Sunday evening. We asked God to make the choice obvious so that we might make the one that is his will. He clearly closed that door. Thank you, Lord. Now… There are a few other options. Again, I’m asking the Lord to clearly mark the “doors” for us. Coincidentally, I have a good friend who is needing to sell her house. It is beautiful, and I am wondering If we are supposed to help her out in that sense by buying her home… Hmm… The Lord is at work. Honestly, we are a little disappointed that the “perfect” house wasn’t a go, but we know that if it wasn’t a go, that God has a reason for that. And I pray that He will lead us away from a poor decision and into a wise one that will accomplish his will. AMEN!

Anyway, I will keep you all updated on our news. More later!


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  1. I have been praying about this too. We’ll know when we know and I am so happy that God has been making the paths clear to us both so far. So happy you have this blog now too so I can take the facebook stalking to a whole new level 😉

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