Happy Surprise 96!


“She brings him good not harm, all the days of her life.” Proverbs 31:12

Guess who got a surprise 96 hour libo today? That’s right, my husband did. Hoorah! For his first task, I had him try to help me open that can of paint that I struggled with yesterday… It didn’t work. That thing is rusted shut. I’ll just take it in to Lowe’s or something and have them match the color from the numbers on the lid.

He surprised me by walking in the door all sneaky like. I heard the doggies making weird noises, and went to investigate, only to find Mitch standing there in PT gear, home before 8:30! craziness… anyway, I just finished making him celebratory chocolate chip pancakes… what he doesn’t know yet is that I’m going to con him in to helping me with my fix-it projects… MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (evil laugh)

I have to give a shout out to Jaymie though, because she is exactly right… when they actually get a break and get to come home, marines act like babies! They are completely dependent and won’t let you leave them for 10 seconds… lol
In fact, Mitch keeps asking, “What are you doing?”… “Miss you!” so I suppose I should take advantage of his time at home.

I have some pictures of my progress on the room… although I can’t figure out how to fix the corners of the dry wall that are no longer corners… hmm… Any tips? YouTube wasn’t much help yesterday.

More later! Happy Surprise 96 day!


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  1. Eden…Paw Paw Bill is the guru of drywall…ask HIM your question…I’m sure he’s got the tool to use as well. Love U


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