A Tale of Two Puppies


“She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.” Proverbs 31:25

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. It was about 7:05 AM on a Friday morning on which I didn’t have to be awake before 05:00 to see Mitch off to work. I was lingering in a dream, trying to hold on to the wisps that remained after my eyes first noticed the gray light of a dreary, rainy morning outside my window. Then it came; a soft whine no louder than the vibrate mode of a cell phone. I struggled to lift my heavy eyelids and gaze at the crates in which my doggie daughters sleep. I couldn’t make out any clear sign of distress, so I shushed the whiner and let my lids fall. Again. Just a single whine. This time I took it to be one of my doggie daughters waking up and feeling restlessness while still trapped in their “bedroom” until Mommy or Daddy woke, rather than some straggling bit of dream. I shushed again, and then I heard it… A deluge of urine, so much in fact that it completely soaked through the cushion in Cyd’s crate and left a sizable puddle. I scrambled out of the tangled sheets and threw on a jacket. I raced to open the crate door and hurry them outside so as to avoid any further indoor urination… Success! Both dogs made it outside in time to avoid further accident. But low, what fur through yonder tree limbs broke? ‘Twas a squirrel! My dogs sped around the yard with their retractable leashes fully extended. Before I could process my reaction, I was bound just above the knees by the cords of their leashes as they continued to run squirrel-frenzied circles around me. I felt the cords cutting into my skin with each step the dogs took, burning thin red lines on my skin. At that moment I knew… This was not going to be a happy Friday…

I wrangled the squirrel chasers back into the house and unleashed them to tear through the living room. I went back to the site of the downpour to investigate the damage and assess the cleaning measures required. I picked up the soiled bed cushion, and from it came a waterfall of yellow, splashing onto the plastic bottom tray of the crate. Wonderful. I waited for the flow to subside and then I carried the cushion and Cyd’s fleece cuddle blankie to the laundry room. It dripped a trail of pee all the way through the house. Awesome. As I put the items in the washer and added soap and fabric softener to each article of clothing that was dripped upon along the way, I thought to myself, “Eden, are you sure you want children?…like, really…are you SURE?” I couldn’t logically answer myself because I had searing pain across the backs of my legs from the crazy rope burn of the leashes.

I finished starting the washer and I went to assess my wounds. The skin was scraped and shiny; burned-looking, like the time I played football with my little brother in the basement and I tripped over a stack of VHS tapes, getting carpet burn on my knees and breaking my pinkie toe. I didn’t want anything to touch it. I cleaned the area with soap and water and then I grabbed some diaper rash ointment (seriously people, that stuff is great for sunburns or razor burn!) and tried not to cry as I dabbed it on the broken skin. What an awesome start to my weekend, and it wasn’t even 08:00! Mitch came back to the bathroom and recommended tea tree oil for my rope burned legs. He had learned from experience as I had that you should always wear denim when you take the dogs out while the squirrels are coming out of hibernation. He told me that he was working on cleaning out the crate and asked me if there were any other activities in the newspaper I wanted before he used it to absorb the mess… I said no…

As upset as I was, I giggled to myself as I sat perched upon the kitchen counter. I had told Mitch last night as he set the alarm for 08:30 that he wouldn’t make it that long… I looked at the clock on the microwave. 07:30… Any other time I would have loved being right. After I had gone through the house spritzing Woolite carpet cleaner on all the carpet drips, and dabbing it up with paper towels, I made amends with Anna, who hadn’t done anything wrong, but was walking around the house with her “Daddy’s-gonna-kill-Ralphie” face on…

In reflecting on the whole situation, I am more disappointed in myself than in little Cyd… After all, I did shush her twice. And When my legs were being bound I may have let out a choice word… Dad, it was the “C” word… Anyway, I love my doggies, and I knew that if I plan on being a mommy to a human daughter (but preferably son, for me but Mitch would say the opposite) I need to learn to deal with random acts of urination, and not get so upset. I know Cyd didn’t mean to. I sort of wanted her to apologize for jerking me out of a peaceful sleep, peeing all over everything, and then giving me the worst rope burn I’ve ever experienced, but I knew she wasn’t going to. My revelation for the day: We do the same thing to our Heavenly Father… There are times when we make mistakes that are accidental, but that hurt Him, and we don’t always say sorry. But when my little 9-month-old puppy came back to me and layed at my feet, I just loved her more, mostly for teaching me things daily. But also because she was really fuzzy and cute.

Sleepy Cyd (If you're wondering why we spell it weird, it's after Cyd Charisse, the tap dancer)


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  1. Patience Yago!!! I know…I never had any when you guys were peeing all over my floor…sorry…at least you didn’t have to sleep in a cage!!! The “C” word…lol!!!!

  2. Oh Eden…you’re so funny! Poor Cyd, perhaps you should limit her drinking (no soda before bedtime)! I’ll have to tell Aunt Kristy that you used the “C” word! We do learn from our non-human relatives…God is good. Hope your day improves.

  3. Hello Eden,
    I love reading your blogs! Everything you say is very unique…it’s what makes you YOU! Keep on writing so I can enjoy : ) Praying for you both.
    Aunt Kristy

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