Spring has Springded


“She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.” Proverbs 31:27

If ever there was a day for me to abstain from the bread of idleness, today is that day. I have such a to-do list that I feel a little guilty blogging :S

Anyway, I have lots lots lots to share!

First things first: There is a family (the Tallmans)  in my church that desperately needs your prayers; A young couple lost their 6 month old son to SIDS. Our hearts break for them and we know that only God can offer them the peace and comfort they need now. Please keep them in your prayers.

Second, and on a much lighter note, I have tiny baby plant sprouts!!! just the snapdragon, spearmint, and lavender, but hey, I’m simply proud of myself for not killing them off by now… I’m super excited to watch them grow and get heartier, and eventually in a couple of weeks transplant them! WOO!

Baby Sprouts! (Spearmint)

Third, our housing situation is progressing! We are moving forward with the paperwork, and as soon as we get the contract signed, we’ll send it to the bank and begin the closing process. Who said buying a home was difficult? Psh. I guess it’s helped a lot with my “non” stress that I give the whole thing up to God to handle every day. You know, I haven’t actually worried about any of it. Prayer is a beautiful thing. Faith is a freeing thing. And trust that God has everything under control is the most satisfying, comforting thing in the world. AMEN!

Fourth, I have a few recipes/pictures for you. Look for them….HERE!

Fifth, just an FYI- the Sunday news paper has awesome coupons!!! Every week there is a little leaflet of manufacturer’s coupons. To those of you new to couponing, manufacturer’s coups are accepted pretty much everywhere, not store specific. So with my coupons, I saved $2 on shampoo/conditioner, which made it $4, got BOGO pistachios, and BOGO 1/2 off boxes of frosted shredded wheat, and grape nuts cereal (I know, I know, my husband and I like old-people cereal) This week was a Sam’s run too, so the coupons that saved me $10 total was much appreciated in lieu of the higher grocery bill to begin with. People sometimes place a stigma on couponers, and I thank the show Extreme Couponing for helping to shatter that image. In my opinion, money in my pocket is never a bad thing, and being a good steward with my resources has enabled us to double our giving to the Church’s ministries! That’s hardly something to be ashamed of. It feels good to be smart with the resources God has blessed us with and it seems that the more we strive to be responsible and faithful in our spending, saving and giving, the more God just continues to bless us. I can’t even begin to describe to you how fortunate I feel, knowing that God is watching over us like that, and all we’re doing is being smart with his blessings. It’s a good thing.

Um… I think that’s about it for my sharing today… OOOOH one more thing, we met this amazing man at Shoe Carnival on Saturday. His name is Jimmy. He is an employee there, and coached track for many years; I was in shock and awe at the number of state championship placards on his office wall. Anyway, Jimmy took care of us; he taught Mitch some stretches to help with his hip and knee pain, and he outfitted us both in running shoes that corrected our strides. I love going into a business where the employees actually know what they’re doing and are eager to help. That alone has won the rest of my shoe-buying business for the remainder of my time here in Jacksonville, NC. I encourage anyone in the area to stop by Shoe Carnival and ask for Jimmy. Amazing guy, you won’t be sorry!

Oh- and I doubt there are any Jacksonville area readers, but if there are, my husband is a member of New River Harmony Men’s Chorus. They are a barbershop harmony style chorus, and there are various quartets within the group. And they’re putting on an Irish show that they (when I say they, I mean me too, because somehow I’ve ended up acting during one of the songs) have been preparing since we got here in October. It’s going to be a great show! Saturday March 31. See the NRH website for details!

New River Harmony Men's Chorus

Four Vets
L to R: Mitch, Bill, Mike, Ed

Da Capo (featured quartet)

And that concludes my post for today! Merry Monday, everyone!


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  1. Hi Eden,
    I wondered if you’d be too busy to post with all you have ahead of you! Glad you’re enjoying your plants! I’m so happy you’ve both jumped into the activities in your area. Bill will be so envious (sorry that’s a bad word) of Mitch and his Barbershop Quartet/Chorus…but you know what I mean. If there’s anything G’pa loves (besides me) it’s singing!!!!!! Our 47th Anniversary is tomorrow…on the 1st Day of Spring. We chose that date in 1965 because Spring represents new beginnings. I love that each year we get to celebrate US & SPRING!
    Love you,

    • That is nice! Ours (aniversary) will be coming up here in a couple weeks. And I also like that we took the bold approach with getting involved. It’s helped us a lot and it’s given us a niche in our home-away-from-home church family

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