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“She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue” Proverbs 31:26

Good Afternoon all!

My sister recently went through a break-up and I don’t know if I have her full permission to even mention it, but I’m going to because I feel there is a spiritual gain to be made by all via her example.

Anyway, sis is having a hard time feeling useful, feeling needed and wanted, and she’s struggling to find joy. As cliché as it sounds, these are in fact the most opportune times to cry out to Jesus. At your most humble, you are able to step back and see the fullness, and wonder of God. In you innermost emptiness, the Holy Spirit is able to fill you with joy. In your most vulnerable and insecure state, Jesus is able to reach out to you through his word, and comfort you.

I am of the opinion that the worst possible thing you could do to a person while they’re already hurting is “kick ’em while they’re down.” People who are already hurting and reeling from their mistakes don’t need your criticism. They don’t need you to gloat in the fact that you told them so, and you were right from the beginning. They don’t need you to tell them what they should have done, or what they should do now. What they need is for you to show them love. They need your compassion and sympathy. They need to know that you still love them in their darkest hour as Christ loves you in yours. The world will give them plenty of the rest; what they need from you is love.

I’ve learned this through dealing with my own ups and downs. When I’m hurting, I don’t need someone to shove the knife deeper, or throw salt in my wounds. I want them to help me recover. I want their love and support as I throw a band-aid on my hurt and doctor it up with God’s spiritual Neosporin (or the Bible).  Anyway, in talking to my sister, I’m realizing she’s empty. She feels hollow inside, a lot like a chocolate bunny. I read a good quote yesterday but I don’t remember who said it. It was something like, “When you stop chasing the wrong things, it gives the right things a chance to catch up to you.” How true is that? When we stop pursuing the things that are so destructive to us emotionally, physically, spiritually, we create an opening for healing to come in. My sister has stopped running. Now if I do as I’m called and let the Holy Spirit do its thing, I could potentially give my sister the opportunity for the good to find her.

She was asking me how to chase after God. I said, “I’m still figuring that one out.” What I did initially to “chase” God was make him a priority in my life. Each morning, I wake up, I have breakfast and a cup of coffee or tea (depending on my level of alertness 😉 ) and I open up my Bible. When I started out, I was reading a chapter or two a day, starting with Matthew. In 3 months, I had finished the entire New Testament. I didn’t always “get” what was written, but I was exposing myself to the Word. And I’ll tell you what I’ve learned: the more time you spend reading the Bible and thinking about its meaning and meditating on God’s message, the more it begins to make sense in your life in new and relevant ways you never noticed before. The moment you open yourself up to the Holy Spirit, that very moment he begins to work and change your life. That tiny choice, to seek God; to pursue righteousness rather than self… That will begin to spread in to every aspect of your life. It begins to affect the things you watch on TV, the books or magazines you read, the way you speak, the clothes you wear, the people with whom you spend time… And at first, it might look like you’re missing out. But keep with it. If you quit before you saw results, you quit too soon. Because God stands to offer you far more than anyone or anything else in this world. Eventually you’ll begin to notice how blessed you are. You’ll begin to notice your friends and family asking you what your secret to happiness is… You’ll find that you wouldn’t trade your life for that of your closest friends, because if you gave up your faith, your passion and commitment to God, there would be something missing that no one could replace. You’ll begin to notice a difference in your relationships. Your husband will talk a little sweeter. He might even replace the blue Gatorade you had put in the fridge for after your 3 mile run with another one, without you asking him to, after he takes out the first one and drinks it. You’ll notice you have a lot more people willing to help you in your times of need or distress because you have become more willing to reach out to them in theirs. God has done amazing things in my life. And I know that I have all these blessings, home, husband, health, happiness (lets call them the 4H’s- no offense to the 4H clubs) all stemming from my hope in the Lord, and my daily “chasing” after Him.


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  1. “When you stop chasing the wrong things, it gives the right things a chance to catch up to you.” How true is that? When we stop pursuing the things that are so destructive to us emotionally, physically, spiritually, we create an opening for healing to come in.

    This is something I needed to hear today!

  2. I really appreciate your blogs! I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of you and how much I love you! Thank you from the bottom of my ❤

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