A New Day


I feel a little short on wisdom today. That’s probably due to the millions and zillions of other things whizzing around in my brain.

In fact, the sentence above just took me 5 minutes to compose because I kept being reminded of other things. If ever I needed a “chill pill”…

The good news is that last night, for the first time since October, we spent a Monday evening at home! It was incredibly relaxing. I enjoy watching/playing Plants Vs. Zombies on X box 360 with my husband. There’s something therapeutic about pea shooters (literally, pea plants, shooting peas) taking out rogue zombies and saving the neighborhood from having its collective brains eaten.

The bad news is that I think I’ve developed an addiction… to Lost… I know, I know, that’s so 2010… But I never watched the show while it was on the air because I was in high school. For those of you confused by that, when I was in high school, I believed that “free time” was a mythical fantasy concocted by adults to give students senioritis… just for the record, it worked. I had senioritis from freshman to senior year.

Anyway, now that I’ve actually discovered that “free time” does in fact exist, in small quantities and under certain conditions, I’ve gotten hooked on Lost. I 100% blame Netflix and my husband. The problem isn’t that I’m necessarily addicted to the show itself, but that I love the fact that it’s an intellectually stimulating storyline that I have yet to encounter. I’m almost glad I waited to watch the series until after all the hype was gone. That being said, be prepared for future references to Lost in my blog… Because it’s bound to happen. Unfortunately, watching it right before bed is a bad idea, because then my brain is alert and awake and ready to take on solving another mystery, thus making for some pretty outrageous dreams.

In my dreams in the past week, I’ve been shot 3 times, shot someone else 4-6 times, been taken hostage, been stuck in a “Hotel California” type place, found buried treasure, time traveled, lost the treasure, found it again, flown (not in an airplane, I mean like Superman) and a bunch of other stuff I only remember in bits and fragments. It’s left me waking up later than I would prefer, and feeling completely unrest-ed. My plan to remedy that is simply to workout longer and hope the physical fatigue at the end of the day offsets the mental stimulation. We’ll see how that goes. I also just remembered I have some Celestial Sleepy Time tea so that could be a possible remedy, assuming I remember it.

My agenda for organization and packing remains about the same. I’m still playing catch-up with dishes and laundry and I’m upset that I didn’t just buy a bunch of paper plates and cups and plastic utensils for this week and next so I don’t have to mess with dishes. Not to mention the random dog-inspired messes I have to tend to. For the time being, today’s focus is the closet. Everything will be boxed, and I’ll deal with sorting out what is needed and not needed at a later date; for the time being, the important thing is that nothing gets left here, and that everything is ready to be moved out by next Thursday.

Here’s wishing me luck!


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  1. Eden:

    What season are you on with Lost? I watched all 6 seasons over last summer and into the fall. I too was gripped by the weirdness of the plot, and the twists and turns of what they DIDN’T put onscreen. What the heck is a smoke monster that clicks…and why does it only hurt certain people? Hatches and stashes, and alegiences and throat cutting…and unforgetable characters. I loved it…don’t care what anyone says…it was awesome! I’m tackling the Heroes series now…similar weirdness…but even more graphic I think. Good luck with your packing. Hint…use towels and other linens to wrap glass and dishes. These have to be packed anyway, and this gives them a purpose and you don’t have to save as many newspapers or buy as much bubble wrap!


  2. Eden,
    I watched the first season when it was new. Got so mad at the end…never watched again.
    I’ll tell you the only thing “Lost” that you can account for is your time ; ) Sounds like I’d quit watching if for no other reason than the dreams!!!!!!!!!! Creepy!

    • I’ve seen random episodes from the middle of the show and I couldn’t follow it but everyone else I knew was amazed by them so I figure I’ll give it a shot. Our pastor always says if you quit you quit too soon, so I’ll stick it out at least through season 2

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