Sleep, please!


“…Her arms are strong for her tasks…” Proverbs 31:17

If my arms weren’t strong before, they most certainly will be after this weekend. My goodness! I’m pretty sure me and my friend Kara built at least 5% muscle mass 🙂
Right now, I’m sitting on my porch with the remaining things to be moved, and a car full of junk to be taken to the new house… I’m waiting on the carpet cleaning people to arrive, so that I can let them in to do their business and then take the stuff in the car and on the porch back to the new house. Contingencies, contingencies…
On another note, our house is great. I’m sure I’ll be super excited when the fatigue and hunger are no longer making me feel like a zombie.
On a more serious note, my grandmother was taken to the hospital last night with chest pains and dangerously low blood pressure. Please keep her in your prayers. Her name is Mary.
I look forward to returning to consistent blogging once the chaos dies down.
Have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!


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