God’s Amazing Provision


“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

I have been so incredibly humbled by God’s awesome power and his perfect provision.

Real-Life Scenario 1)

I was worried about having the money necessary to cover closing costs on our new home. Not only that, but we had lent some money to a couple who are really good friends of ours because they were in a tight spot with their new home and getting all the utilities turned on. In addition to that, we had our own utilities to turn on, various technician connection fees, and so on and so forth; not to mention the basic grocery items and bits of gear Mitch would need for his field ops., cami. inspections and so on. I had decided from the beginning that this whole home situation was in God’s hands. He had clearly marked all the doors, so I was going to trust Him completely to complete his work. I prayed every morning and every night for God to keep Mitchell and me in His hands, and to lead us where He wanted us, so that we would be in the situation most suited to serve. Well, it came time for our inspection on the rental property… To make a long story short, I went in to clean before hand and when it was being inspected, it was discovered that I had forgotten to do the windows, and the ceiling fan globes, and that a mouse had obviously gotten in and undone all my vacuuming.**

The first glimpse of God’s provision came when the property manager of the rental was kind enough to allow me to come in and re-clean the house, and then the labor to replace the carpet (from the doggie destroyed room) and the labor to replace the air filter would be taken out of the rent due back to us. So rather than owe them another month’s rent, we ended up getting back over $200.

The second view of God’s provision for us was simply in a combination of low grocery bills, a seemingly never-ending crock-pot of Italian beef, and bills that weren’t taken out of our checking account until precisely the moment Mitch’s next pay check cleared. Praise God! How awesome, and remarkable is His love for us, to see that despite our finances seeming tight, and giving to both our friends and our church, we are able to make ends meet and have the funds for closing.

Real-Life Scenario 2)

My friend Julie-Ann Simmons is pregnant with her first child and I had the privilege and blessing to hear Baby Simmons’ heartbeat for the first time! After her appointment, Julie was feeling pretty hungry so we decided to go through the McDonald’s drive through. She ordered her food, and decided that she’d rather pay for it in cash, seeing as the total was under $4 and she’d been having trouble with her debit card working. We got to the first window, and realized we were about $1.70 short… Well, I started digging through my purse and found a nickel… Then I started shuffling change around in the cup holder, looking for any silver coins I could find… I found 10 dimes and another nickel and a watch battery… we were still about 30 cents short… I thought to myself, “God, if you could just miraculously make a dollar appear out of no where, that’d be pretty awesome…” Julie was still looking around in her wallet, and apologizing to the employee in the window for holding up the drive through line. Right about that moment, she reached down in to the pocket of the driver’s side door, and pulled out a dollar bill… We both stared in surprise, and double checked the two dollar bills sitting on her lap to be sure that one of them hadn’t just fallen down into the pocket of the door… We had been “given” the total, $3.79… WOW! all we could do as she handed the McDonald’s employee the three dollar bills and the stack of dimes I had dug up was laugh at how amazing it was. And again, I thought to myself, “Well played, God… well-played.”

I’m continuously amazed at how outstanding my life is when I continue to seek and trust God. In faithful service, he gives me more than I ever could have thought of achieving on my own. My thought is, why try to do it any other way? This way is so much more comfortable, if I just seek God and his desires for me, abandoning my own futile efforts, and empty pleasures. Praise to my God,  who is the Living God, and the God of perfect peace and provision.

** As we were walking through the rental house for the inspection, there were mouse droppings everywhere I had already finished cleaning. I explained to the property manager that I had spent two hours there the previous evening vacuuming and cleaning all the floors and cabinets, and somehow in 24 hours, it was littered with mouse droppings again. I got the sense she didn’t believe me and I was afraid I might fail the inspection. I threw up another quick, “McDonald’s Dollar” type of prayer, “God, please let them believe me; just give me some kind of proof to back up my story.” We walked through the first bedroom and looked into the closet, and there, just sitting perfectly still in the very center of the closet floor, just staring at us was a small gray mouse. I looked at the property manager and said, “See? they’re obviously still finding ways in!” I thanked God under my breath for that little mouse, something I NEVER thought I’d ever do in my life. That little mouse validated my statements, and I was given a second chance at the inspection. 🙂

I challenge you to seek God’s perfect peace in prayer, and ask Him to provide for all your needs; you’ll be amazed at how things just “miraculously” fall in to place. Does anyone have an interesting, “God Provided” story? I would love you to email them to me at edee91@hotmail.com to be featured in a blog post!

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