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There is a lot of change forthcoming in my life:

1.) return to school after a year-long hiatus

2.) absence of my marine husband for the duration of his deployment

3.) new responsibilities of being a homeowner

4.)… I can’t think of anymore at the moment… except the potential return to part-time work after a year-long hiatus…

I don’t feel overwhelmed. And I won’t, until I’m in the middle of things and have to stop and remember that God is taking care of everything.

This will be my 3rd attempt at returning to school… I’m praying that God is saying, okay, go ahead this time. I’ve been pretty discouraged about the whole thing, not being able to finish a major in music performance due to its impracticability… But I’ve decided to put on my big girl pants and do what needs to be done. At this point, I’ve decided to take the remaining classes for my English Education Associates degree and then transfer to UNC Wilmington for my bachelor’s degree in English Education. I feel that choice fitting for a number of reasons:

1.) Teachers get paid summers off… ballin’!

2.) It enables me to be able to work in an occupation that is mon-fri, 8-3p and still be able to see my husband on nights and weekends

3.) It will allow me the privilege and honor of being able to support my husband financially when he returns to school after he gets out of the USMC.

4.) I’ve been told on multiple occasions recently that I have a certain proclivity for literature and writing, and I couldn’t help taking that as little nudges from the “Big Guy” to make my move on the English Ed. degree…

5.) My husband wants to teach music. and that would be difficult for both of us to do in the same district at the high school level in our home town… So this way, there stands a possibility that we’ll get to work within the same city/surrounding area with one another, Which I would find cool. Idk what my husband would think of that, but seeing as he’s about to spend 7 months in a foreign country away from all his family, I’m thinking he’ll be fond of more time with the wifey and family.

6.) I would be the world’s most awesome English teacher ever. Why? Because I have a passion for the subject. It’s not quite as fervent as my passion for music, but it’s passion none the less. And a steady paying job, covering material with which I’m both familiar and in love, makes dealing with the public school system and teachers unions seem more bearable… Plus, if I can make an impact on a student’s life, that would be pretty cool; definitely a plus.

So there you have it… I’m becoming my father… but you know what? I’m sort of okay with that. I know I can be happy in any occupation as long as I’m able to worship God and be content in any situation. I think that’s what He’s working on teaching me through this military experience; contentment in all situations. And home and happiness to me depend on the people that surround you; the ones who make your life full and worth living. That being said, I could totally be a teacher…

I know what you must be thinking; for an aspiring English teacher, you sometimes miss typos and grammatical errors… I apologise… I’m only human…Which is probably just another reason my students would love me…


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  1. New Follower Here [fellow military wife as well]! You’re super gorgeous by the way! And I love your blog! Good luck with going back to school. And as far as home ownership it has it’s down sides but I love owning my own home! We’re facing another deployment soon as well. good luck with everything! i look forward to reading more!

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