I’ve been slowly but surely working on putting the house in order. There are still a few boxes tucked in one room, but I’ve had to set strict time limitations for myself so that I get as much as possible done at once without getting burned-out on it, and quitting altogether. That plan of action has been working for me so far.

I still have time to get it done and impress my husband with my awesome organizational skills. Let’s check back on that to-do list shall we?

1.) Mow the lawn (if it would go a single day without raining…)

2.) Finish all the laundry

3.) Organize/throw away all the extra clutter we should never have packed up and moved with us

4.) Decorate rooms

5.) Re-finish my writing desk/sewing table

6.) Exercise (mainly just remaining consistent)

7.) Apply for school

8.) Goodwill shopping

9.) Blog

10.) Make my way through Heroes

Numbers 1-2 have been mostly done, and then either re-grown in the case of the lawn, or accumulated in the case of the laundry, so they’re continuous. And numbers 6, 9 and 10 are also tasks that require some consistence. I will say Heroes got really weird in season three and I had to take a break to process it all… As far as the other projects, there are a couple secret ones I’ve been working on that have taken the place of the ones on the list. They will be revealed at the end of this month.

Also, due to unforeseen financial obligations (4 new tires, stupid, stupid nail!!!) I was short the funds I was going to use to purchase and ship the book, Her Name is Grace for the giveaway. So instead of a scheduled giveaway, I’ve decided to make it a surprise. It will be completely random, and will go to one of my blog followers, chosen at random by a random list generating website. So keep reading, because the lucky follower may just be you!


What do you think?

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