From My Husband

From My Husband

“Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value” Proverbs 31:11

Since my husband became a U.S. Marine, I’ve noticed a lot of changes about him…

Mitch’s hair BEFORE enlistment…

His hair, his bedtime, his willingness to leave the house on weekends, his hair… But the biggest change I’ve noticed in my husband, and it wasn’t all at once, was a more complete trust and faith in the Lord, and a more steadfast and worshipful heart… But rather than me go on and on about how wonderful my husband is, I’d like to take his words directly from a Facebook status update. Keep in mind, that my husband abhors public displays of affection, and hesitates to hold my hand in public… here goes:

Mitch’s hair (or lack thereof) AFTER enlistment…

” [I] Was just thinking “of all the lovely ladies I hung around in high school and college how many and which of them would have been willing and able to deal with me and also deal with my life in the USMC?” I’m both blessed and thankful for Eden Danielle Elston.”

There you have it. A year ago, he never would have posted something so sweet or emotional in public. I was shocked and awed to see God at work in my husband. What’s more, without his knowledge, he is a witness to his faith for all of his fellow marines. By modeling our marriage after biblical truth, we are being a reflection of Christ for everyone we know.

A buddy of Mitch’s from his battalion was over with his wife and daughter for Sunday lunch a couple of weeks ago. While I was waiting on the remaining sides to cook, he pulled out his phone and played a video of my husband singing “Amazing Grace.” He then told me that he listens to it often because it really picks him up. God has answered my prayers. He has given me a Godly man, hungry for the Spirit, who shows his faith in ways that are tangible to his peers. And that’s more than I ever could have asked for on my own. Praise God! the Author of Salvation, and Lord of our lives. Amen.


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  1. Eden…That makes a father proud to know you’re happy and loved. I thank God that he keeps reveling himself to you and Mitch…and regret the rocky start of MY relationship to an obvious man of God that you ended up marrying. Tell him I’m proud of him too. It can’t be easy to witness in the Marines. “Let your light so shine before men, that they see your good works and glorify God the Father.” I love you, Eden…have a great week.

    • As a parent all we can do is give our children a foundation of God’s love on which to grow. The rest is up to them. Obviously you did very well.

  2. How wonderful that you’re husband has become a man in the Marine Corps. My youngest son, who I had to drag kicking to church every Sunday for 18 years voluntarily went to Chapel at Basic but also went to impromptu prayer groups. I pray both of these men continue to grow in God’s love and grace.

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