Adjustment Period


So after having gone lax in my daily workouts this past inspired 6 weeks of cardio and strength training have really shaken me up a bit. I found that in the first couple weeks, I was feeling super tired after a workout. I typically wake up before 8 am but I was sleeping till almost 10! Not only that, but in addition to the boost in exercise, I also revamped my diet, cutting out lots of sugar and unnecessary calories, and upping my vegetable and lean protein intake. I started cooking with more natural metabolism boosters as well, such as cayenne pepper, lots of garlic (my favorite) and drinking green tea with ginseng. The results were impressive. The key is not to give up, because you will begin to notice changes in your body and mood, but you won’t get the full effect if you give up too soon. Here are some of the awkward changes I noticed in the first couple weeks of my workout/diet:

1.) Changes in sleep- my body needed more rest to help my muscles recover

2.) Changes in water intake- I was constantly thirsty; my body needed water to rehydrate and flush my muscles of lactic acid

3.) Changes in skin- the first couple weeks, I noticed my skin got more oily; I assure you this is natural, as my body was trying to rid itself of toxins and get used to the various hormones and nutrients it was experiencing. It evens out later.

4.) Changes in regularity- For the sake of tact, let’s just say my change in activity level affected EVERY aspect of my health.

5.) Changes in cycle- (ladies, this is mostly for you) When you become more active, again, it affects EVERY aspect of your health. This like everything else balances out later.

6.) Changes in mood- I felt generally better about myself; the boost of endorphins from working out improved my mood and kept me from missing my husband too much. Plus, knowing that I was doing something good for my body made me feel more confident.

Like I said these changes are awkward at first, and they may freak you out if you go from “couch potato” to “athlete” in a short amount of time. But let me share with you what I gained in the process:

1.) More restful sleep- I was legitimately fatigued at the end of the day, and I found myself getting more restful sleep each night, waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

2.) In drinking up to 128 oz of water each day, I was in the bathroom a lot at first, but now, my body uses the water. My kidneys are flushed, and my skin looks a lot more healthy, and isn’t its typical over-dry, or to the other extreme, oily looking- just healthy.

3.) Like I mentioned earlier, my skin was crazy for the first couple weeks, but as your body detoxified, you skin clears up and starts to look more healthy than before. YAY!

4.) Again, for the sake of tact, being active gets EVERYTHING moving the way it should.

5.) All of your bodily functions become more regular; the extra intake of water helps a lot- after all, your body needs it for most of your bodily processes/functions.

6.) I feel fantastic. I’ve lost 10 pounds of body fat, and I’ve gained quite a bit of muscle. I’m a lean, mean, running machine. Physical fitness is SO beneficial. I strongly encourage you to engage in a regular routine, if you do not already

After all, we’re only given this one body, and seeing as it serves as a temple for the Holy Spirit, I feel we should care for it to the best of our ability.


What do you think?

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