Books, Blankies, and Birthdays


“May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.” Proverbs 5:18

My husband came home from his work up on his 22nd birthday. As is the custom of people like us with crazy schedules, and little free time we can spend together and with friends, our birthday celebrations turn in to a week-long festival. Here’s a brief overview of the celebration thus far:


Chocolate chip pancake breakfast!
opening of presents and cards
Lunch with friends at Marakesh (mediterranean cuisine)
Top Dogz pizza for dinner (Cpl’s bacon cheeseburger pizza- delicious.)
Brr Berry Frozen Yogurt for dessert (dessert: a nice change from desert, I’m sure)


No work till Noon, off by 4pm
Barbershop Men’s Chorus (Mitchell loves singing, and he’s good at it, so it all works out.)
Dinner with the Barbershop Crew at the Kettle Diner (2 bowls of chili mac, specially made for Mitch, because it’s not a regular menu item)


Super special birthday dinner, prepared by yours truly (Steak and pirogue I’ve been dreaming about it’s deliciousness for weeks!)


BBQ at church (not intended as a birthday celebration, but it’s a special event that falls into the week of birth-fest 2012, and I’m sure it’ll be a good time.)


Curried beef stew for dinner (A new favorite)


No plans currently, but I’m sure something will pop up.


Birthday party! Complete with friends and food and of course, my extra special birthday chocolate cupcakes with homemade buttercream frosting

I’m sure by now Mitch is aware I’ve been planning and scheming a party for him, but he still remains in the dark as to the details, which is the way I like it. I was feeling extremely blessed to have him home for his birthday, so that I could celebrate it with him, and make it special. As he came in the house with his gear, sea bags, airline blankies, and two Dan Brown novels, I started thinking about all the birthdays we’ve shared as a couple in the past…

Mitch’s 18th- He accompanied me to a special singing event in Bloomington, and then we had pie at Niemerg’s Steak House in Effingham, IL (Delicious pie, btw)

Mitch’s 18th Birthday

Mitch’s 19th- I don’t entirely remember what we did to celebrate this one, but I’m sure it was special… And it’s okay that I don’t remember, because he probably doesn’t either…

In line for The Raven at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. I know the camping trip was in June, and I don’t remember celebrating Mitch’s birthday outside of that, so perhaps that’s what we did that year…

Mitch’s 20th- We had just gotten married 3 months prior, and were sharing an apartment with our best friends. I made Mitch a birthday cake that was lime green on the inside (vanilla flavored) with chocolate icing, and decorated it with fondant to look like a replica of his Adidas soccer ball! It was delicious.

Mitch and Anna- not his birthday, but shortly thereafter in our apartment with our new puppy, Anna Beth

Mitch’s 21st- He was out in California after SOI on duty, so we didn’t get to celebrate together, but I sent him a home-made card, and when he finally came home, he got to meet Cydney Sue- His tiny, fuzzy, little birthday present!

Cydney “Cyd Soodle” Sue- Mitch’s 21st birthday present, and newest addition to our family

Mitch’s 22nd- well we’re still celebrating! And making memories together that we’ll look back on later in life and think, “geez… we were a couple of crazy kids, huh?” and our grandchildren will look at us and say, “Other than the wrinkles, gray hair, and deteriorating health, YOU STILL ARE!” and then we’ll all laugh and take a family photo (and Mitch will be used to goofy family photos by that point, and he won’t even make a fuss about it.) Epic picture to follow!

I thank God every day for bringing Mitch into my life, and every day that we are together (or married, since he does have to be away for work…) is a celebration of our lives together. God is the reason we are together, and my inspiration to be the best wife I can to Mitch. Here’s to another wonderful year! 🙂


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