My Top 5 Favorite Doggie-proof Products

My Top 5 Favorite Doggie-proof Products

I don’t have much of anything profound to say today. I’ve just been enjoying this past weekend with Mitch and our two border collie girls 🙂

having a border collie is a lot of work and requires enormous amounts of energy on the part of the owner, and immense patience with their active, and at times mischievous little minds. That being said, we have TWO! Anyway, since there’s not a lot in the way of deep and philosophical thinking today, I thought I’d do a product rating of my top 5 favorite doggie products for all of you pet owners in celebration of the love we have for our fuzziest family members. This is in no particular order, and these items are in my top 5 because of their durability, affordability, and likability, according to Anna and Cyd.

Penn Tennis balls- 12 for $9.04

Penn racquetball 12 for $10.67

1.) Penn Tennis balls: Now I know most of you will say that a tennis ball is a tennis ball… that is unless you actually play the sport. Well, I’m not a player myself, but I have noticed some trends among our plethora of tennis balls that I’d like to share with you. I typically go for things that are affordable. So, when choosing tennis balls for my doggies, I try to remember that they are not olympic athletes and will just end up pulling the green fuzz off anyway, so I spring for the cheaper Penn brand balls at Wal-Mart. The last time I purchased them, I got a mesh bag of 12 balls for $9.04. That’s just over 75 cents per ball as opposed to the three pack of balls for $4.49 which comes out to about $1.50 per ball. Think bulk! It’s cheaper and if your dogs chew/play/ lose tennis balls like mine do, it’ll be worth your money. OH and if you’re looking for more durability than a tennis ball, but still want something that isn’t hard, solid rubber that’ll knock their teeth out, try Penn brand racquetball! Cyd and Anna LOVE them! Cyd still tries to de-fuzz them, even though there is no fuzz, which makes a funny squeaking sound. You can get a canister of 12 for $10.67 (about 89 cents/ball).

Kong Flyer Frisbee retail $17.99 at Pet Smart

2.) Kong Flyer: I’ve tried a lot of frisbees from the cheap plastic ones that they toss out at parades sometimes to the durable plastic frisbee golf discs and none of them lasted with my chew-crazy doggies. That is until I found the Kong Flyer. It’s made of super pliable rubber and is incredibly floppy and bendy. I like this for 3 reasons: 1, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to knock out the doggies’ teeth when they catch it. 2, it doesn’t get all chewed up and shredded, 3, it is easier to throw without the chewed-upon jagged plastic gouging your hand. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product, and recently bought a new one- not because the original got destroyed, but because we lost it over a fence into a nasty drainage ditch and I neither felt like scaling the fence or reaching my hand into that much to search for the lost rubber disc. We got our Kong Flyer at Pet Smart for $17.99- I know, sounds steep, but it’s the last one you’ll ever buy (assuming you don’t lose it over a fence) or you can find them online (wish I had known this yesterday 😦 for as little as $10 + shipping and handling.

Nylabone Dura Chew- retail $10.99, $9.89 with PetPerks card at PetSmart

3.) Nylabone Dura Chew: My love of these chew bones is almost equal to that of the Kong Flyer Frisbee… Let’s just say that Cyd loves her dura chew, and I love that she’s not munching on my furniture. We typically buy the two-pack that has one that is chicken flavored and one that is bacon flavored. Both of our dogs love them, and have fallen asleep mid-chew on countless occasions. We bought ours at PetSmart for $9.89, discounted from $10.99 for the mid-sized (up to 35 lbs.) bones via our PetPerks card. You can find them online also at slightly discounted prices. * Like Nylabone on Facebook for added savings and more!

Pedigree Dentastix- retail 40 count for $11.98 at Sam’s Club

4.) Pedigree Dentastix: Our girls love these things, and so do I. You can get them in bulk at Sam’s Club for $11.98 for a pack of 40! Not only that, but they actually help to reduce plaque and tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth as they chew. We use them as behavioral incentives also; if they are good while we are gone, they get a Dentastix chew when we come home. It may sound odd, but our girls know this and they respond accordingly. Positive reinforcement works with your pets too!

Kong Squeaky Clean Waterless shampoo $9.99 at

5.) Kong Waterless Bath Spray: This stuff is truly amazing… There are so many times here in North Carolina where rain just kind of happens without warning, sometimes while the dogs are outside frolicking in the yard. Anna and Cyd LOVE mud more than any other dog I’ve ever known and sometimes it seems as if they play a game called, “Let’s see if I can make my white fur match my black fur in color using this ridiculous mud!” In fact, it’s one of their favorites. That being said, I don’t always have time or energy to put their neurotic selves in the bath tub and scrub them down so what I do (judge me if you want) is let the dirt dry, and fall off. Then I brush them down, and spritz them with the waterless bath spray. They didn’t like it at first, but they got used to it eventually. Then I rub it through their fur as if I were using a detangling spray in my hair, and then towel dry them, and brush it through. This kills the infamous wet dog smell, and is less time, and energy-consuming than a full-out bath. You can get it at for $9.99.

With doggies as active as my two borders, I have to stay on top of things. These products help me to keep them entertained, active, healthy and clean, and they can do the same for your pets 🙂

left to right, Anna and Cyd


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