New Hair, New Me


“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10

So you know how I have those “Cyclical Battles” against myself where I feel anxious, depressed, or frustrated with life? Well I’ve found that in addition to taking refuge in God’s word, and my relationship with the Lord, that I find relief when I make a change in my life. It doesn’t have to be big or drastic, which sometimes is what I crave, but any change at all sort of makes me feel renewed and refreshed; like I took a step out of the mundane and am making progress. One time I cleaned out and re-organized the closets. Another time I tried a new recipe for dinner instead of the same old dishes night after night. Yet other times I make slight physical changes, such as when I incorporated a new form of cross-training in to my daily work-out, i.e., kick boxing. These little things are slight differences that satisfy my desire for control, yet they are healthy and often times quite simplistic.

Well, I was feeling stuck in a rut with things and a new chapter of my life is about to unfold as we near this fall with teaching, and our first deployment, so I decided it was time for a change I can control… I had 7 inches of hair cut off. Unfortunately, my hair had been WAY too over-processed –

Red hair

I had dyed it deep red for a musical in college, and then had it taken back to my natural color, and quite frankly, it had been super damaged in the process- to be donated to locks of love, but that’s something I’m considering doing the next time I grow out my hair.

Anyway, Mitch hasn’t seen it yet, nor did he know it was happening, so the whole thing has yet to be revealed to him, but as soon as he gets home from work, I’ll upload a picture of the before and after effect.

I thank God that he’s working through me and continually changing me; purifying me through trials of marriage, financial responsibility, and spousal communication. I honestly feel that I’m better than I was at this point last year and I’ve grown a lot and gained much spiritually in the way of wisdom and faith in God during my sabbatical from school/work. Now that that temporary season of my life is drawing to a close with the coming fall, I praise God for the free will he has given me in the ability to redecorate, or restyle not only my house, but my outward image. I pray also that more than my outward image, God perfects my inner spirit, molding me and making me a better follower of His word, and a better wife to my husband, and a better friend, sister, daughter to all those around me; that people see more of Christ in me than my own selfish ambitions in me. Anyway, Mitch is almost home, and he won’t see this until after he’s already seen me in person so, 3..2…1, here it is!




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  1. I LOVE your haircut!!! You look so beautiful:) I am praying for you and Mitch and I admire your faith so much. Having someone in the service is taxing, but the Lord is always in control.
    Keep bloggin’ sister!

    • Thank you Madeline! I really appreciate your encouragement and if I may make a confession, it was your faith that inspired me to cling to the Word after having wandered from my faith in late high school/ early college. 🙂 I appreciate your support more than you know!

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