Well, I wanted to work on patching holes in walls, and touch-up painting today, but my husband has the key to the shed, which contains all of my paint and tools… So that’s a big “wait.” I was walking through the house trying to think of other projects I could work on in the mean time… I started marinading some chicken for dinner, and I have pork chops as a back up just in case the chicken doesn’t turn out… I have 2 loads of laundry going, one washing, one drying… And I’m about to start organizing a binder and file folder of important documents, schedules, and the like. And for starters on the doggie damaged room, here are some before pictures:

Hole I've already patched just needs paint.

This was like that when we moved in... someone didn't finish what they started.

there's a tiny mouse hole in the corner. The dogs ripped up the carpet trying to get to the mice

Same thing happened on this side. That little jutting out part used to be a chimney for a wood burning stove, and has since been inhabited by mice

hole I already patched once... need to re spackle and sand and paint

my dogs hate mini blinds... I mean, hate them...

When they carpeted the add-on room, they did a shotty job, and the seams were exposed... my doggies decided to pull a frayed edge and that's what happened next

So that’s what I’ll be working on over the next couple days. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.



This is the progress I have made thus far sans paint.

What do you think?

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