Command Center

So I got the brilliant idea to organize all the “stuff” that clutters up my computer desk and makes it virtually impossible to actually accomplish anything. The problem was that there were about a thousand different things all piled up around the screen; The iMac accessories, iPod accessories, bills, calendars, to-do lists, address books, important documents, budget sheets… Well I have officially had enough of the clutter! I got the Idea for a “Command Center” binder from Easy-Going Organizer (THANK YOU!) In my specific binder, I put in a calendar in which I wrote all of our family/ USMC/ Church goings on, a ledger book to organize our family’s budget (OH MY GOODNESS- MY FAVORITE PART BY FAR!), and I put in some blank college ruled notebook paper on which to take notes/ phone messages. I divided all the sections by colored tabs. There are 8 tabs in all; one for calendar, ledger/budget sheets, notes/blank paper, medical documents, important gov’t documents (i.e. driver’s license renewal letter)/ tax documents, rental contract/ lease agreement, house/bank info, and past bills. The 1/5″ binder I chose has an easy open/ heavy duty thing-a-majig to open it so I didn’t pinch my fingers once in the rings! YAY! and in the little pockets on the inside, I put bills that have yet to be paid, and coupons (wouldn’t you guess, they’re Papa John’s/Domino’s pizza coupons- we like to order online) and our check book/ stamps. I ran out of tabs so I’m still working on getting my address book all transferred, but as Mitch’s Grandpa Elston used to say, (and as his uncles still do, especially during games of Euchre) “One at a time’s good fishin’!”

In addition to the once-for-all binder which now holds all things relevant, I put all my newspaper coupons in a small file, and I put all the Apple accessories into a small zippered pouch. All the pens and pencils got put in a re-purposed ricotta cheese plastic cup, and my life feels a lot less stressed now. I know that if I ever need anything, I can go to the “Command Center” and find all the references I need there. Mission accomplished! HUZZAH!

Close up view of command center contents


Ledger/budget sheets

blank paper for notes

Cup o' Pens

Coupon file, and Apple/Mac accessories, and for some reason, a Mucinex tablet...Oh, Mitchell...

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