Super easy! And delicious.


1 sleeve graham crackers and pie tin (or pre-made crust)

1 stick of butter (only if making own crust)

2 limes

2 8 ounce packages of cream cheese

1/4-1-2 cup sugar


Skip the first step if you bought a premade crust. First, spray bottom of pie tin with nonstick spray.

Next melt one stick of butter and mix with crushed graham crackers and spread them into pie tin, making sure to press along the sides also. Place in freezer to set.

Second, beat room temperature cream cheese in medium mixing bowl on medium speed until mostly smooth. Then squeeze the juice of two limes into the cream cheese mixture as well as your sugar. ** you may want to add a tiny bit of milk to get it the right consistency.

After the cream cheese mixture is smooth, you can add a couple drops of green food coloring to pretty it up. Then spoon mixture into pie crust, filling to edge of crust.

For added visual appeal and to balance the tartness of the lime you can drizzle raspberry jam or raspberry ice cream syrup on top. Or, top with fresh raspberries and cool whip!

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