This recipe was actually one my husband saw on a Facebook friend’s site, and we sort of ganked it and made it our own.


1 Package of Oreos (we like chocolate creme)
8 oz. package of cream cheese (softened)
1/2 bag of dark chocolate chips (or bakers chocolate, whichever)


1 small sauce pan
1 non stick cookie sheet (or just line it with waxed paper)
a plastic spoon or rubber spatula for stirring chocolate
1 gallon size zip lock bag
1 large mixing bowl
desire of a child to squish things

Ingredients and utensils


First, you’re going to want to put all of the Oreos in the plastic bag. I’ve found this is the easiest way to smash them up without getting cookie dust all over the kitchen, or having straggling cookies eaten by my doggies.

Put entire package of Oreos in bag to be crushed
crushed up cookies, before they were mixed with cream cheese

Once their all crunched up, empty the baggie into the large mixing bowl with the 8 oz of softened cream cheese.  Now comes the fun part- Reach into that mess, and go to town! Mix all the cookie crumbled mess into the cream cheese, and then form it into balls about the size of a ping pong ball.

all the cream cheese/Oreo mixture rolled into ping pong sized balls

After you get all the little balls made, stick them in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. (secret- thats about enough time to cut your husband’s hair, and then melt the chocolate!) Then you’re going to want to melt the chocolate chips. Some people prefer to use a double boiler, but I use what I have, so I simply put the chips in a small sauce pan over low heat and STIRRED CONTINUOUSLY until they were all liquid. Stir it constantly because you don’t want to burn the chocolate. Once the chocolate is melted and the bon bons have firmed up in the freezer, stick toothpicks into all of them so that you can then dip the bon bons into the melted chocolate! Because the bon bons are cold, the chocolate hardens pretty quickly, so you’ll want to dip them as quickly as possible and place them on your cookie sheet as they harden. As soon as the chocolate hardens, take out the tooth picks, and enjoy!

Completed bon-bons! Don’t forget, when you are setting them out on a cookie sheet to let the chocolate harden, make sure they are on a non-stick surface, otherwise, it gets messy

We made around 2 dozen, maybe 2.5 dozen with this recipe. And I’d rather not know the caloric value of each bon bon. what’s important is that I didn’t eat them all at once, and that they turned out to be delicious!

What do you think?

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